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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  September 27, 2010 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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>> he is nncknameed hitler. how long this man will go to prison for beating a maa. and the apology he offered to the victim. >> the governor, deceiving
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maryland voters about the economy? the accusations from the republican chhllenger, and the e-mails that back upphis claim.3 >> a rare disease,ú and $2 million in medical bills. a family's fight for a cure. >> more rain on the way. how much more we can et and where we may be flash flooding -i the sky watch forecast. >> everybody ready to play? -> and maryland's first slotsú -arlor is now open for business. the good news, that convinced operators to unlock the doors three days earlyy >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, thii is fox 44 news at 10:00. >> and i ammjennifer gilbeet. a judge's ruling tooight could make it easier for resiients tt record police officers in maryland. >> harford county judge said state police were wrong to %-traffic stop.r taping his own
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we have more on what happened. keith? >> it began along with a traffica stop along 95 off-ramp. like this one. back in march. a mannon his motorcycle, and a maryland state troooer, n is car. ú% it was video that made its3 way around the world. anthony graber oo the motorcycle recooding his daytime ride with his helmet camera. -nd graber stopped for speeding and camera rollinn. >> this caught oo tape. maryland trooper in plain bike before he identifiedff the himself as a police officer. ú%aber posted it on auto "youtube" and he was charged with violating maryland wire tapping law. it requires both parties to record a private conversation. but judge has ttrown out the charges against graber and
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%--olice.from maryland state >> the judge ruled, and weewill certainly live with that ruling. >> we are ecstatic. >> graber's attorney on the ruling. what he was charged with, ssiply was not a crime. >> circuit judge plitttruled monday that the trooper had no expectation of privacy when he arrested grrber. went oo to say the wire tapping law does not apply. graber's attorney called it a victory for the public in recording police conducc. >> those recordings, are frequently the only reason that public misconduct ever comes to. and they are frequently the only reason that public offfcials are actually able to be held accountable. >> this was a situation whhre, again, they had a belieffthat violation of the law may have occurred. they went to the county staat's attorney office for a review. were told to pursue the charges.
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that's what occurred. >> well iispoke with graber tonight, and he is calling the ruling a huge relief. meantime he still faces traffic charges. live in downtown baltimore. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> intense search at the site of a buiidinggcollapse in west baltimore. >> crews called in after witnesses saw a woman walking near the building just before the collapse. there was concern she may be trapppd in the ruble. but crews found nothing. >> we find nn remains, or no evidence of someoneebeing there at tis point. ú%ilized our thermal imaging camera to assess and deteemine whether or not that was the case. which that gave us no readings. >>well, tonight iivestigators are still looking into the ause of the collapse. at the correr of druid hill avenue and awns streets. >> when it comes to news in your neighborhood. see it, shooo it, send it. website and click on the see it, shoot it, send it icon.
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you can send pictures directly from your cell phone to >> well todaa's gray skies brought tornado warnings to the aree. >> parrs of carroll, howard and baltimore counties all under the warnings this afternoon. nothing came offthem. thank goodness. a day of gray skies and rain. -ut ptential for flooding thisú evening. vytts reid with the latestt >> heavy rainfall is coming down. potential of gettiig anywhere from one too3 inches possible. in some areas, maybe more rain causing localized flooding.ú -ssued a atch through baltimore, maryland city, to indianapolis, and dc. northern virginia. with the potential for heavy rainfall that. occurred today. inch or so already fallen. some places getting as much as 2 inches on the eastern shore. but at thisstiie, we have more rainnon tte way. and the ground is saturated so hard for the ground to absorb moreeof the rainfall..33 hd rainfall scans the skies.
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showers at aberdine and cecil county. showers. eastern porttand (inaudible) folks in glen burnie getting showers. -his is how it rolls throuuh over the llst several hours. still decent rainfall. and more to come, from the south as we see an area of low pressure wraparound the moissure. how much? through the overnight, we can half or more of an inch acrossú up tt parts of pennsylvaaia, northern portions of delaware. of getting maybe heavy rainfall. potentially. so there could be flooding conditions we have to deal with through the overnight. show you when it will leaae. and when we start to see a ú%ment to dry o coming up in the >> all riiht. you can be ii charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar available at just use the interactive tools to track torms down to your street. go ann click on i-raaar. >> new his hour. doctor shot t johns opkins
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dr. cohen released thissevening. shot september 16 when briefing a man on the ccndition his mooher. paul pay dus shot his mooher and then himself. cohen's family appreciates the community support. perkins hospital is dead. another patient is chargeddwith the murder. pollce sayysusan sacs killed by 46-yyar-old taylor. sacks discovered by hospital workers when shh did not report for breakfast sunddy morning. taylor and sacs had rooms on the same hallway of the facility.ú both placed at the state hospital after being found not murder. taylor has been charged wiih first-anddsecond-degree murder. investigators have not eleased a motive for the crime. >> she has been missiiggfor 24 years. ú%t the family of a baltimore coonty woman opes to take the case o court. melindd roeder is live in essex with more on the cold case. melinda, what can you tell us?3 >> it was 24 yearr ago, today, that burnett carusso was last
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ú%en in the parking lot of east point all. she had just left work. workkng in one of he storess3 here. and she had plans to meet her ever since then, her sister has been desperately seeking answers. >> we call her bernie, that's the nickname. she was the baby of the seven.3 she was funny. >> it has been 24 years since susan bauerman last saw her sister. >> i knew my sister did notúú%d. i knew it was very bad happening to her. >> she told friends that she wa3 plaaniig to meet her husband after work. two were separated in a custody battle and about to go to court on a domestic iolence charge. >> there was a numberr f threats over the preceding year. >> sam bauerman a retired police officer that workeddthe casee like a well thought out well oochestrated, probably abduccion. and eventually murder of the victim. >> ernadette's body never found.
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so far no one charggd. >> i still pray for this day. >> susan eventually married the detective assigned to the3 have become advocatts for the missing. >> these are just some of maryland's missing. >> this is catherine o'neil -nderson. this is tracy. she s gone since 1996. >> cofound a ask force that tracks missiig and unidennified case as cross maryland. in a constant quest for closure. >> it is the closure that we that every family needs. %-you just need to know.eceased. >> susan and sam are confident theyyknow who ii behind bernadette's disexxlains theee is no quustion innmy mind. >> i do know aad it makes me angry. >> they hope ssmeone watching will provide adddtional clues to close this case oncc and for all. >> it is personal. you know, we will never give up. >> now, even without a bbdy, th3
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-auerman's believe there ii enough circumstantial evidence to take the case tt court.3 live in essex, melinda roeder,3ú fox 45 nees at 10:00. >> okay melinda. security square mall in woodlawn. happened this morring. school is inside of the mall.e victim taken to shock trauma. the suspect, however, is still on the loose. >> baltimore police investigate a murder in northweet baltimore ú%er the wwek. the victim 38-year-old donnie martin was shot aturddy at a3 home on ccelsea terrace. nooarrests have been made.., >> fighting back against a blited community innbaltimoreú one brrck at a time. neighborhood is changing from thh inside out. >> it is called one green home at a time. and an effort to rebuild homes, and attract buyers to neighborhoods once known for
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crime. stone kitchen countertops, wwirllool bathtubs and brick fireplaces. they are the amenities you would expecttin fell's point in cannon. not the ooiver neighborhood in east baltimore. bbt that's wheee this house3 sits. a once politeed area now attracting aatention. >> i was very impressed with the workmanship of the home. >> calvin holiday just bought ooe of thh homes. >> just sign on the dotted line. >> the group, one green home at a time. hopes to see more people like calvin. its mission is to rehab buildings and buiil a better neighborhood. >> when you see distressee -ommunitiess distressed thinking of the community. so through education, awareness, ú%d resource networking, and make the resources available to thh community. >> changing mind sets ii not easy. just thursday night a man shot hommss.3 but the dedication toochanging ttis two block area, is having
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an effect. officers who patrol the streets see it eeerr day. >> kids are walking down the kids.t. >> sidewalks are clean. just i guees, with the new houses, the look of it, just shows more of an opportunity, instead of vacant, acant, vacant. you know, house. now we see sold, sold, sold. >> we don't have thaa ii my neighborhood. >> for new neeghbors like from the front window, he sees not his past. >> lets see whattis taking place. the mayor is interested. and the city growing. attraccing he professsonals, %-the city.e individdals back to -t has so much to offer. somewhat worried but not too much. i knew where it ii going. -> lenders work with buyers to find financing to buyythe homes.
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provides tracking for current neighbors so ttey can make improvements to their own homesú for more information on one ú%een home at a ttme. go to links. joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00. ú%ur fight against crime.out tell us what you are doing to help clean up the streets. >> well, the national aquarium their patriarch dolphin shiloh. >> put down sunday after a illness. performing there since 1993. gave birtt to two dolphins and raised another during her time in the city of baltimore. she was aastrong role model ffr the other dolphins there. >> i dream of megan, would be that she is -- oh, i am going to cry. ú% a family struggling tt help their young daughter survive.
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tonight go inside of megan's %-our cover story tonight. >> a plane ffrced to make an emmrgency landing. you don't want to miss this firsthand look t the very scary moments. >> it appears a staffer told the truth, was caught telling the trutt, then he made up the rest offthe story. >> up next, the evidence that tax on everything you buy? that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side. >> white supremists aaollgizes for after attacking a man fishing in outh baltimore. as kattleen ccirns reports, prison now foo 31 years. >> calvin lockker is covered in tattoos with racially bias
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saying including image of hitler. he apologize in court forr3 -tttining an elderly african ú%erican man fishinn n south baltimore. james was beaten and robbed nd carjacked. appearing in court, he told the ú%dge the situation has been extremelyystressful. >> meanwhile lockker's attorney read his statement where lockner expressed regret ssying ive in a haunted state of ind. i am sorry or the sane and agony my actions caused ou. the judge senttnced lockner to 30 years for the attack in the park and another one year for an assault in jail. >> while in jail, lockner threw feees and urrne at a african american corrections officer. after the sentencing todayy the frustrate that ad llckner only received one grower the assault on hii. he says that if the roles were reversed heewould have lost his job. >> in accordance with the plea agreement, the state felt that the one year was an ppropriate
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sentence to tack on the end of what was considerrd to be the more serious case. >> this case closely watched by attorneys familiar with hate crime prosecction. >> you knowsh, i think most -iolent crimes are hate crimes. or the world, or hate heeselves circumstances. or hate the victim. >> without the plea lockker could have faced more time in jail. in downtown baltiiore, kathleen cairns, fox 5 news at 10:00. >> another defendant zachary watson had his trial in this case postponed. >> a germantown man pleads guilty to impersonating a3 immigration officer. -is schemes could have been cost victims $11million. ú% charged more than 50 people, at least, $5000 to completeú immigration papee work. he would dress as an ice employee while meeting. imagineei can't never worked for the government. heewill be sentenced somm time next year.
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>> %->> the candidates for governnr are steppinggup their attacks on each other. and the latest campaign ads center on the massive bge rate -ike that went into effect three-years ago. >>ell, industry experts say the bge raae hike was largely the %-and deregulation bill passed ú%th bipartisan support, in the general assembly, more than 10 yearssago. >> robert ehrlich said that governor o'mallly is deceiving voters about our economy. it enters around july's unemployment numbers.
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a posting on the state department of labor wwbsste taken down while governor eimmediately was toutinng3 economic growth. the most damaging came from bernie comb from the departmmnt of labor licensing and regulation. it said are we sure that removinggthe ppst removed all traces of it that anyone could pull up on a search engine? whatever we can do, to make it disappear, we need to do it. thaats coming straight from the top.3 john rydell has more on the e-mails, the ehrlich campaagn released ttday. -> the state of maryland's economy is all in thh eye of the beholder, or in this case, the candidates. he visits the puh distribution plant he taaes aim at the marylandddepartment of laborrand -icenseing. >> most broken agriculture of state government. >> claiming the agency wrongly paid out tens of millions of dollars in jobless claims. now anddhe other republicans are accusiig theeo'malley administration of deliberately trying to supprees ad news about the economy.
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>> it appears a staffer tood the truth, was caught tlling the3 truth and then he made up the rrst of the story. >> last montt, the state posted a jjb's rrport describiig maryland's economy as stalling, confideene. but that statement was suddenly removed from the agency'ss3 website. an e-mails obtained by thh republican party. labor secretary sanchez assed a staafer, is it down? meannng the document. sanchez aads, call me as soon as we know who posted outrageous information on the site. it came the same week the governor was elivering aafar more upbeat message about economic rrcovery. >> if the citizens of maryland were being intentionally deceivvd, then we have an obligation not to obscurr that. >> spokesman for the o'malley campaign has declined to talk e-mails, or allegationssabout a possible cover up with rrgard to marylaad's employment picture. secretary aid this story was manufactured by the g.o.p.. spokesman for maryland's department of labor, aid the
10:22 pm
%-meant to be posted publicly. and he said neither the governor or anyone from his staff order the report be removed. >> was this simply the fact, and then it got cooered uu? or was there mistakes and it was a draft? >> urslick and o'malley do not maryland's economy ii quickly rebounding. in glen burnie, john rydell,,fox 45 news at 10:00. >> the governor did not answer any questioos about those e-mails. at a appearancc earlier today. ouu about them. to hear more on the controversy, go to news. >> fights over tax cuts will take center stage during the five weeks before elections. president obama signed a bill that provides tax cuts and an money, for small business owners. he said they are reeling from the recession. the measure passed congress wit3 little support from republicans. they sayy he best way to help small businesses, is to extend
10:23 pm
the bush administration's tax cuts for everyooe. >> we leave her this week and adjourn for the electiinnú increases on theeamerican people.3 it will be the most irresponssble thing that i have seen, since i have been in %-and i have been here awhile. the white house said that we cannot afford to extend thh upper levellincooe tax cuts. some democrats support he republican lan. >> stay with fox 45 news ffr the ú%test on the mid term elections. go to 20100 >> and maryland oters approved slots two years ago and today -hey are finalll seeing the results. >> hollywooo casino opened up the doors three days early. %-the fight to keep ambbers in ú%ryland is underway. >> normally i would do something productive on monday morning. like play government or do some otherrreereational thing. but i saiddlets deeiate from the normal activity and try to gamble. >> mmke lee is he first in line, but far from the only one
10:24 pm
changing his plans on this day. >> i am thinking this would not be open until later in the week. my friend called at 6:30 nd %->> the lights and sounds of te slots were schedulld to start thursday. but a charity eventtover the weekend, went so weel, gammng officials signed the licenne late sunday. meaning the competitiin with border states is unnerway. three days early. ú%that go to delaware are actuay from maryland. sure enough, every single person in thissline before hollywood casino opened, they are local. >> going to dell wood park. so long away. rather give my money to maryland. >> gaming taxes, payroll taxes,3 property taxes, sales taxes, you know,,we ttink it will be close to $100 million, in tax revenue that we will return to the ssate.
10:25 pm
>> not all the money from the players is goong to the statee the first jackpot winnnr ever, is dorothy neil. >> well, i panicked, iicouldn't3 belleve it was me. then when i saw the double jack pots on the middle. on the line. i looked up anddsaw that i was a $5000 winner. they will come back about once a week, maybe more if they are lick. even if they llse, they will be making money another way. >> no more dellware. >> in perry vil, joel d. smith, foxx45 news at 10:00. on hand for the official grand opennng event on thursday. >> now here is our question of the day. will you play slott in maryland casinos??3 so far 52 percent say yes. 48 perceen say no. we were there today. and had a wonderful time, and plan to return. beeter than driving to delaware or charlestown. robert writes, no oost state casinos are bigger, better and provide more entertainment value. go to and let ú-send us a tweet@foxbaltimore.
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ú%xt us at 45203. and enter fox 45 a for yes. fox 45 b for no. and we wwll hear morr responses coming up tonight on the "late %->> the two largeet carriers at bwi thurgood marshall airport, plan to become one airline now. >> southwest airllnes, waats to buy aiitran foo $1.4 billion. if it is approved, the deal would get southwest into major access to some caribbean destinations. ú% one s sure what the deal will do to prices. there will be less competition aiiport. the combined airline would serve 70 percent of the market aa the airport. in new york. view from inside of the plane. later on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> i have no dea why this >> what is -- so far weeareea
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waiver only 50 cases in the world. >> up neet. %-disease.n a battle with a are a look at megan's world, in our cover story, after the break. >> looking at heavyyrainfall that is potentially coming downú across parts of the state for the next day planner, hold onto the umbre
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>> a baltimore county military father that simply is no stranger to battles finds himself innthe battle of his life. >> he is facing mounting bblll and a medical mysterr. in tonight's cover story. kaahleen cairns and photo journalist dave larson eeplore meganns world. >> at this parkville home that colors. >> this picture over here of andrew and megan. >> the inside walls are decorated with iiages, in blackú and wwite. >> we took all of these pictures. >> one boy. >> we haveeandrew. up here. he was in my cousin'sswedding. >> two ggrls. >> carlie and megann >> megan's arrival was another milestone for the maselli family. happy to have another health3 girl. >> i think, i was four. i wwssa little kid when he was born. >> 6-year-old carlle eagerly shares family history. ú% daddy and mommy with baby.
10:31 pm
>> as she flips through the album. >> daddy burpinggmegan. >> her brother andrew holds 2-year-old megan. >> first part was diapers. >> brief biilogy lesson. >> we had megan like n the middle of a family baby boomm >> life seemed perfeet. just a bit slow for megann ú% e wouuddjust hoard her. she would lay there. >> she could nnttkeep up herr3 head. shh ould almoot uffocate if you didn't move her head tt the side so she could breathe for %-shh could not do it. >> even the brother aad sisterr3 >> she was not really crawling. or like standing at the appropriate age. >> megan do this. >> they sought help from a ong list of medical exxerts. finally got a diagnnsis. >> she is missiig a part of her gene.
10:32 pm
genetic disorder.ú >> i have no idee why this3 happenedd >> so faa, we are aaare of only 50 cases in the world. >> attour age, she won't be able %->> she cannot speak.n..3 >> she usually always does this. >> but has a ove for sounds. >> this is it. that was the one thing that we focused on in the beginning. once we had theediagnosis.ú is it fatal? and no, they said that she can live a long healthy life. maybe not norral but long and healthy. >> so now, their days are filled with trips to the hospital for megan. >> hi. >> good. >> hi megan. >> at the kennedy kreager
10:33 pm
institute, megan gets help from a team of medical experts. >> there is not a genetic cure. no way to fix the chromosome. >> but the iagnosis gives doctorr incite on how to handle3 megan's case. >> so we know people witt this %-seizures, so we can watch for you that. >> mediial bills have already surpassed $2 milliin. >> back at home. megan is most comfortable. >> my dream for megan, would be that she -- oh, i am gging to cry.3 >> ttat she lives a normal life. and happy. healthy. >> they concentrate on her
10:34 pm
>> i would loveefor there to beú a curr.3 but i don't thhnk that would ever happen. >> it is a fresh view. >> can i have a kiss? kiss? >> of megan's world. ú% she is a gift. ú%ything. >> that's her plan. just make her the best that she can be..3 >> in baltimore county. happy. isshappy, then we are >> kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10::00 >> well megan's parents have started the miracle for megan foundation to raise money ffr >> first annual 5 eld in %-for more o to foxbaltimmre... >> fox's glee club gets a visit
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from a pop legend. find out who. >> a flighh attendant frantically inssructs passenners.3 what led to he scary landing at -jk. it is next. >> looking at rain showers moving into baltimoreeand central partt oo marylann. how much more rain ww can get out of the storm, coming p next 3
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>> just kind of a weird day weathee wise. a little bit of action out there ú% a little activity. and rain. it is summer liie eather when you see tornado warnings this time of the season. %-not common. >> we did have a little activity. we dii dodge t picked up byy3 radar out of virrinia. no damage to report. just rain. continue to see the rain, that's what you nned to make sure you take note of. keep the umbrellas nearby. and anywayy jennifer and jeff, here is what is going on. flash flooo watch forrpretty much most of the central portion incllding baltimoreecity. stretching down to d.c.. northern virginia as well.3 and it looks like we will continue to see that through the overnight as we haae the showers building up ouu of tte south. so defiiitely heavy rain ú%tentially. we have seen several inches of rain in some spots of the state. ground is saturated. like a ponge. on water, it absorbed all the
10:39 pm
water. and you more on pormore the water runs off. we will see that across the region as we go through the overnighh. maryland state satellite radar. ú%u can see the heavier showers, salisbury, decent showers coming down. just east f salisbury, over in -cean city. it will cootinue to move up towwrd dover. we're on the ack edge of that. sttll moreerain to work with south. here is a model run. assfar as the uture scan. this is the predicted rainfall showing what we could potentialll see through theú overnight.ú have seen as far as an inch or so. so we could see 2 and a half, to - to 3 quarters of an inch of rain. stretching up to cecil county, chester county and western suburbs of philadelphia county. and wilmington. ss loos of rain across the state water droplets on the camera looking at the inner harbour. we do have the rain coming down at a steady pace right now. -ith winds out f thh southeast
10:40 pm
ú%midity levels are 93 percent with the moisture out there. 71, is the temperature. high today, toped out at 77. 62 was the low. precipitation at bwi thurgood an inch this morning. as well as inner harboor. -hat. we wwll continue to add to that. tomorrow. adding up to as much as two, to 2 and a half iiches or more across the state. temperatures lookkng at miid %-71 in baltimore.3s time. 73 in d.c. 70 in hagerstown. 59 out in western maryland. eastern portion of the state. -t 70. with the southeast flow. marine layer keeps uu on the mild side of things. with cooler temperatures to the north. boston 59. and 63 in pittsburg. here is what is going on. controlling forces here. area of low pressure ver northwestern hio bringing up the oisture. warm front ahead of it. but a cold front falls behind t that will contiiue to push north. more rain expected or tomorrow. then the cold front moves through. pushing out the moisture. we will start to see high
10:41 pm
pressure develop over the ohio river valley that. -tarts to move in. giving us clearing later innthe week. 77 degrees. %-morning. rain linnering in the -aper off innthe afternoon. get a break maybe of sunshine. 83 degrees. and it looks like e will see temperatures starting to break as we get into wednesday. 75. more sunshine. then maybe another shower on thursday. 78 degrees. back into the 70s for friday, saturday. with mild and clearing conditions. >>well, youuheard the scary moments turn into overwhelming relief for passengers on board of a delta airlines flight as it made an emergeecy llnding that. viieo was taken by a passenger on board. aa the plane touched down at new york's jfk airport. aircraft ffying from atlanta to white plains new york when it
10:42 pm
started to experience problems with the landing gear. the pilot was able to land with hero.sengers were calling him a the faa and ntsb are investigating. >> do you need to be rescued from a bad day to a very sticky situation? find out about a new cell phone app that is coming to the rescue. appearance on ox's hit show,
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>> on on glee takes on brittany spears. >> tomorrow night the glee club -ries to get mr. shoe ter to let them perform brittany spear's songs. of course you can see them perform tth singer's most iconic music. how they have a connectton to ú%e performer and big deal for the actress thht plays glee's brittany..3 >> when i was younger, she was my idol. so it wasssomething that was such a big deal to me. but i didn't want to be like oh,
10:46 pm
my god ryan.3 >>the real brittany will make a guest appearance. you can see the brittany episodd tomorrow night at :00, right here on fox 45. >> in a conversation that just won't end. or a date gone bad. >> we have all been there. >> but an escape route may be's close as your cell phone in tonight's word wore. judy kurtz reveals the social situation ggtting people out of tough ones. >> back in the old days if yoo want to get out of a never ending chaa or say goodbye to a date. you have to use social grace. now all you need is a cell phone. app called rescue me,,sends a prescheduled text message to your phone, to help you get out of tough situations. uuers text the free service, with how long they wann before the fake essage or call arrives on their cell ppone. %-phone can start to ring, and u have a way out. >> if you are in need of being rescued cceck out our website, find a link to rescue me going
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to i am judy kurtz and that's tonight's "word on the web". >> ray rice left the game yesterday with a knee old gibbs canning company.
10:48 pm
today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs
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and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you. >> final look at the seven-day forecast.


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